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Alvaro Cristóbal // 2023.03.06

An advanced fire pump controller is essential to ensure efficient and safe use of the fire pump sets.

Advanced Fire Pump Control Panels: 4.0 Technology Serving Safety

Advanced fire pump control panels allow for real-time fault detection and alert notifications to technical staff.

This type of fire pump controllers contain in their system, control programs, performance and maintenance management of IoT environments and have the ability to detect faults and send alerts and notifications in real time to technical personnel, either in the field or remotely.

SVE Corp. offers unique products that include Big Data, capable of self-managing it and making it available to users thanks to its embedded web and communications.

1. How would you define a fire pump controller?

It is the module that provides the control system for the motor-pump assembly. It contains the system and pump status sensor services, the communications managers, the human-machine interfaces, the managers of the actions on the hydraulic system and the motor pump, as well as the elements that control the energy supplied to the electric motor or the batteries and the control of the fuel in the internal combustion engine, in general any element that can provide a better, more efficient and safer use of a device as critical as the fire-fighting motor-pump set

2. What kind of controllers for fire pump sets deserve to be described as advanced?

They are those whose reference is not only compliance with the regulations that determine them, but also the global state of the art of technology. In concrete terms, the kind of controllers that are currently exploring the possibilities opened up in the field of Industry 4.0, IoT, neural networks, etc., all of which are concepts unscrutinised in the regulations affecting the sector, could be called advanced.

This is particularly relevant in IoT utilities from the capture of countless information obtained from the pump rooms, managed by their powerful microcontrollers and made available to remote users through the web embedded in the controllers themselves.

3. What risks are faced by a fire installation that does not have this type of product?

It cannot be said that an installation managed by traditional controllers generates risks for its owners, but it is true that an element as critical for safeguarding the lives of people and the value of property, as well as being costly, as fire pumps are, deserves to be monitored down to its smallest elements, managed and monitored with the application of the latest technologies in terms of data generation, communications, cloud-based services, etc., which offer a greater guarantee of system operation, as well as the knowledge of the veracity of this fact on a permanent and ubiquitous basis.

4. What are the standards governing the use of fire pump controller?

The reality of the influence of standards in the fire market is, as in other areas, and given that standards tend to be part of the economic influence of the country that promulgates them, very much conditioned by the relevance of the country that issues them.

The most widely recognised standards are those that come from and are applied by the most influential countries. In this way, the following can be highlighted:

      • NFPA20 : USA zone of influence
      • EN 12845: European zone of influence
      • VdS: German zone of influence
      • APSAD: French zone of influence
      • LPCB: UK zone of influence
      • UNE23500: Spanish zone of influence
      • AS2941: Australian zone of influence

5. What is the correct selection procedure for the right fire controller  for the given situation?

When selecting the correct control panel, at least the following considerations should be taken into account:

  • Know the type of engine powering the pump: Electric or Diesel.
    • In the case of electric motors fire pump controllers. Power consumed by them
    • In the case of diesel engines fire pump controllers. Voltage and capacity in Ah of the starter batteries.
  • The specific standard that the installation in question must comply with.
  • The commercial brand of the fire pump controller. It is very advisable to work with a prestigious and recognised brand, and it is also necessary to guarantee an adequate after-sales service and ensure that spare parts are available in case of need.

6. What are the most important features of proper preventive of fire figthing pumps maintenance using advanced fire pump control panels?

Given the criticality and importance of fire-fighting facilities, actions aimed at keeping the system in perfect condition are considered essential.

The advanced control panels can greatly facilitate the implementation of maintenance schedules and even the identification of hidden weaknesses in an installation, thanks to their detailed system of permanent data capture, their analysis algorithms and their means of informing the technical personnel in the field or even remotely of the results obtained.

7. What types of fire pump controller does SVE Corp. offer and what are their main differences?

SVE Corp.’s vocation is to cover all the needs detected in the most relevant markets, and therefore some of the elements that determine our product ranges are the following: Type of engine: electric or diesel, applicable regulations and approvals, after these main ones there are other minor but also important conditions such as power supply voltage spectrum, uses and customs of each market, etc… From these conditions SVE Corp. elaborates its wide range of products.

8. What is the design and development process for SVE Corp. fire pump controller?

The conception of all products and systems developed by SVE Corp. starts from listening to and understanding all of its international customers and distributors; when the germ of the idea, on the other hand, has arisen after internal reflection, it never avoids the contrast with the different standards and the criteria of the stakeholders identified in its progress.

With specific reference to control panels for fire pumps, the process usually begins in the sales department or after-sales technical assistance department and then passes through the R&D department, the industrialisation department and back to the sales department, which is where the final decision will be taken as to how the product, system or service is to be presented to the market.

9. Describe 3 benefits of SVE Corp. advanced fire pump controller.

In summary, the following differentiating features can be highlighted:

  • Most technologically advantageous products on the market.

They are the only ones that include a capacity to create information that can be classified as Big Data, manage it and make it available to users on their embedded website integrated in each of the control panels, generating a Wi-Fi network that can be captured by any Smartphone or Tablet.

  • Multi-standard products

Conceived and designed to meet and exceed all the standards devised and governing the relevant markets.

  • Competitive

Both in terms of price and the availability and proximity of after-sales positions in many countries around the world make SVE Corp. products an excellent choice.

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