SVE Corp. and Control Panels Australia: New milestone with shipment of full container of fire pump control panels

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Alvaro Cristóbal // 2024.06.06

SVE Corp. continues to strengthen its presence in the Australian market

This achievement not only underlines the success of our relationship with Control Panels Australia, but also reflects our ability to meet the demands of the Australian market with innovative and high quality products

More than 10 years of history: from customer to strategic partner

SVE Corp.’s relationship with the Australian continent dates back to the distant year of 2014, when an intrepid, young and unsuspecting entrepreneur from the Antipodes contacted our company.

After initial discussions, during which SVE Corp. and its interlocutor managed to establish mutual credibility, SVE Corp. understood the great opportunity before it and decided to postpone the development of other projects in order to concentrate its efforts on such an exciting enterprise.

In record time and with surprising dynamism, SVE Corp. managed to find a solution that its first customer, Prime Pumps, one of the most important manufacturers of fire pumps in these latitudes and part of the IMEA Australia Group, welcomed with enthusiasm, since it simultaneously offered an improvement in several aspects that had been poorly resolved until then, such as the technological updating of its products, versatility, ease of use and understanding, as well as price competitiveness. The only drawback was the geographical distance between customer and supplier.

After several years of bilateral relations and consolidation of commercial and personal ties, SVE Corp. decided to overcome the weakness caused by the distance between Spain and Australia, not only for the benefit of Prime Pumps, but also for the entire Australian pump manufacturing industry, by establishing a local distribution base in the country. This is how Control Panels Australia (CPA) was created, a company that operates in the Oceanic country to provide pre- and post-sales service for SVE Corp. products, reducing delivery times to the maximum and creating the confidence and peace of mind that can only come from a local and nearby base.

The good management of CPA and the success of SVE Corp. products in the Australian market, together with the consolidation of mutual trust between the two institutions, has developed to the point that the annual volume of panels supplied has grown to the point that in 2024 it has been possible to ship the first sea container full of our fire pump control panels across the Pacific.

SVE Corp. fire pump control panels: innovation comes to Australia

The container being shipped to Australia contains SCF840-D-AS diesel engine fire pump control panels and SCF8C-J-AS jacking fire pump control panels. These panels offer advanced features including:

  • Regulatory compliance: SVE Corp. fire pump control panels comply with AS 2941:2013, AS/NZS 3000:2018 and EN 61439-1, ensuring compliance with international standards for safety and efficiency.
  • Display with colour graphics: Equipped with screens that display colour graphics, our panels provide clear and detailed visualisation of operational data, making monitoring and control easier.
  • Advanced connectivity: They offer multiple communication options, including Wifi, USB, Ethernet and RS 485, allowing unparalleled remote integration and monitoring.
  • Data logs: The panels have a memory that records events, pressures and pump tests performed, providing a detailed history for analysis and preventive maintenance.
  • Demand detectors: Incorporate pressure transducers and pressure switches with open circuit and short circuit monitoring, improving system safety and performance.
  • Both are tested and approved by the CEPREVEN certification body.

Every great challenge has its challenges

The planning and execution of this shipment presented several challenges, including stockpiling materials, finding a logistics warehouse and self-funding the purchases. To overcome these obstacles, SVE Corp. had to increase its weekly production and contract a logistics warehouse to store the finished product. In addition, to ensure safety during transport, SVE Corp. carefully protected the goods by taking out various insurances, both for sea transport and for storage in the logistics warehouse.

The groupage shipment was carried out in several stages during April, with the final container being consolidated with a total of ten pallets. This resulted in significant cost savings as the consolidation of a single container reduces costs, optimises space utilisation and reduces environmental impact.

This shipment of a full container of our fire pump control panels to Control Panels Australia marks an important milestone in our relationship: it reflects the growth and consolidation of this partnership, as well as our commitment to innovation and quality. With products that meet the most stringent international standards and efficient logistics, we continue to strengthen our presence in the Australian and international markets and reaffirm our position as a leader in the fire pump control panel industry.


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