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Conditions of use

On this page, the conditions under which SVE S.L. provides content and services on this website are stated. It is understood you accept these conditions by accessing the web site. These are the Conditions of Use of the web site.

Identification of our company:

Albert Einstein 36-B,
Parque Tecnológico de Alava
01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz
España / Spain
+34 943 77 00 35
NIF: B20071510

Acceptance of these Terms

Your access to this web site implies that you know, understand and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use in the existing version at the time of access. Given that, in accordance with the regulations in force at any given time, the Conditions may be subject to modification, we recommend that, whenever you visit this web site, you consult these regulations as well as our Privacy Policy.

Purpose of this Site. Exclusion of responsibility.

Through this web site, we supply information on services and/or products which we offer or commercialise. This information is offered exactly as the user sees it and SVE S.L. accepts no responsibility for any possible damage caused by:

  • Unavailability of information or services and/or products offered, inaccurate information or information that is out of date, or errors in accessing part or all the contents of this web site or any other web site linked from this web site.
  • Loss of information or damage to facilities caused by the use of this web site or others linked from this web site.

On the other hand, SVE S.L. reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics of the described equipment without prior notice.

Use of web site

Your access to this web site is at your sole responsibility, and you accept this fact voluntarily and implicitly when you visit this site. Furthermore, you consent to not using any of the contents in the web site for illicit purposes or in such a way that such use would threaten public order, morals and commonly accepted customs. In particular, and without implying a limitation set forth herein, you consent to not obtain, reproduce or distribute any of the contents in the web site unless they are for personal, non-lucrative use.


All trademarks, trade names or logos of any kind that appear on the website are the property of SVE S.L. or third parties, and it may not be construed that access to the web site grants you any rights over any trademarks, trade names and/or logos. Furthermore, the contents are intellectual property, which belong to our company or to third parties, and are protected by copyright and no operation rights which exist or may exist over them may be construed as being granted to you.

Applicable legislation

These Conditions for Use are ruled by Spanish legislation. SVE S.L. and the user undertake to appear before the Courts or Tribunals of San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa) for any controversy which might result from any services rendered and which are the object of these Conditions for Use.