SBB24035 is a robust and high efficient battery charger and power supply with high frequency switch mode technology.

As battery chargers the SBB24035 is specially designed for emergency generators and diésel engine driven fire-fighting pump starting batteries. Designed to be permanently connected to the battery they continuously monitor the status of batteries and always keep them in peak capacity. SBB24035 battery chargers remain operational during the engine start process.


    1Battery rated output voltaje24 V DC
    2Supply rated voltajeFrom 90 V AC up to 265 V AC 50-60 Hz
    3Output charging Amp3,5 Amp.
    4DIN Power102,5 W (DIN 41773: 96,6W)
    5Efficiency>85% at rated power
    6Dielectric strengthLine-Output: 2.000 V AC
    7Line-GND: 2.000 V AC
    8Output-GND: 2.000 V AC (<1.000 MOhm at 500 V AC)
    1Charging system3 Phase (V-I): Bulk / Absorption / Float and equalization
    2Float voltages at 20ºC per DIN 41773Wet (vented) Lead Acid: 27,0 V DC
    3VRLA (AGM or GEL) : 26,40 V DC
    4NiCd-(9-18 cells): 24,84 V DC
    5NiCd-(10-20 cells): 27,6 V DC
    6Minimum battery voltaje0 V DC
    7Float/boost voltage driftPower supply mode: < 2% from 0% to 90% of the nominal charge current
    8Battery charger mode: ≤ 1%, during the 2nd and 3rd charge phases and for the whole power supply voltaje
    9Charge current drift≤ 2%, during the 1st charge phase, from 80% to 110% of the battery nominal voltage and for the whole supply voltage range
    10Voltage ripplePower supply mode: <5%
    11Battery Charger mode: <1,2%
    1Safety standardsEN 60950 (Safety information)
    2Power supply protectionFuse
    3Against power supply connection / disconnection when battery connected; Even when wrong battery connected.
    4Overload / Shor-circuit protectionShort circuit on output to battery (self-resetting)
    5Reverse polarity protectionSelf-resetting
    6Overvoltage in output to batteryUp to 2 times battery Vn or 50V DC
    7Over-Temperature30 °C to 50 °C at full charge rate, and up to 70 °C with automatic reduction of charge rate to limit temperature and prevent its deterioration. (EN 60068-2)
    1Pilot light ON (Green)Is connected to the supply line
    2Pilot light CHARGING (Green)Charging above 5% In
    3Pilot light BATTERY FAULT (red)Battery voltaje out of range: <80% / >120% Vn
    4Pilot light EQUAL. (blue)Equalization mode
    1Dimensions130,5 mm x 140 mm x 66 mm
    2Weight350 gr
    4Output terminals to batteryPluggable (from 0.2mm2 to 2.5 mm2)
    5L – N – GND: Input terminalsPluggable (de 0,2mm2 a 2,5 mm2)
    6Ambient temperaturaUse: -30º to 70ºC internal temperature sensor
    7Storage: -40ºC to 85ºC
    8Relative humidity (non-condensing)Use: 20% to 95%
    9Storage: 10% a 95%
    10CoolingNatural convection