Allowing local and remote permanent control with the greater security


AS 2941: 2013

Integral control solutions for diesel engine or electric motor driven fire pumps

1StandardsAS2941 Edition 2013
2Approved / ListedCEPREVEN
3DisplayTFT colour3.5” 480×272 px
4Enbedded webEmbedded Web
5ConfigurableFunctions / Inputs / Outputs
5ComunicacionesWifi network /  ETHERNET / RS 485
5ApplicationsCommunication with smartphones and tablets
6Data logs1200 Events / 12.000 Pressures / 50 Pump tests
7Electric mains analyzerTrue RMS: V / I / kW / Cos φ
8Demand detectorsPressure transducer / Pressure switchs with open or short circuit monitoring