SAM 712

SAM 712

High technology, small size AUTO MAN programmable local and remote controller for manual and automatic control of generator sets


For diesel and petrol engines.
  • Selector by key with three positions:
    • 0: Disconnected/genset shutdown and reset
    • M: Manual: Startup via switch
    • A: Automatic operation (remote control)
  • Adaptable to any type of genset by means of six switches
  • Selectable heater of spark plugs or starter
  • Automatic connection/disconnection of the generator contactor
  • Shutdown by solenoid or electro valve.
  • High power outputs, avoids supplementary relay
  • Protected against vibration


  • Low oil pressure
  • Water overheating
  • Low fuel level
  • Broken belts or battery alternator fault
  • Emergency stop
  • Overspeed
  • Optional alarm

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Voltage: 10-35 Vcc
  • Consumption in stand-by mode: 2 mA with 12VDC batteries
  • Max. generator voltage: 500 VAC. between phases.
  • Frequency: 50/60
  • Weight: 200 g